Still using sticky-notes, spreadsheets, and email to manage your business?

Or tried an expensive CRM/ERP/Sales applications that ended up being more trouble than it was worth?

Did you pay to have an awesome website designed and built but now you don't even know if anyone sees it? Or maybe it's a little out of date and you'd maybe rather your customers not see it?

At BROAD REACH we strive to make technology work for you. If it doesn't help, it could be a costly waste of time and money. Or worse, it could actually hurt your sales. By making a creative job into tedious drudgery trying to satisfy the 'process'. Or by causing you to lose sight of the actual job by concentrating on irrelevant statistics.

There are several specific goals we can help you with.

Web Presence

Craft an online presence that communicates effectively with your customers and reaches out to new customers.

Content Management

Not just a simple website, but a dynamic site with fresh content that is easily maintained. And that you have control over.

Blog & Newletter

On the web, content is king, nothing draws in customers like timely, relevant information. Forget about SEO. There are some common sense things every site should do to help out search engines, but there's no magic formula that will bring you to the top of Google search results everytime. And if there is, they'll probably change the formula tomorrow.

Social Media

But a web presence isn't just a web site. What good is it of no one sees it? You probably know about the social media buzz. But networks like Twitter, Facebook, & LinkedIn are just the start. There are special interest groups, industry affiliates, blogs, and don't forget advertising and marketing tie ins.


Customer Relationships

Contact Management
Customer Support
Issue Tracking