Google Wave/Docs/Appengine project

I'm looking for a new project using Google Wave, Google Docs, and Google App Engine. If you own a small business and have an itch that needs scratching, I'm willing to do the work for free. That's right. Free software development.

Here's the catch:

I've never used these tools. I want to find a real project to work on that I can use to learn them. So it might take a while. I might make mistakes. I don't make any guarantees. And the project has to interest me.

How does it work?

Submit your project idea below. I will be selecting one project to develop for FREE from all submissions.

What do you have to lose?

Nothing. Maybe a little of your time from collaboration.

What do you have to gain?

A working application that solves a real problem your business has. Productivity gains, more customers, and (I like to think) most valuable of all -- a working relationship with a software professional, the quality of whose work you know.

Criteria for selection

I reserve the right to select whatever project I want for whichever reasons I choose. But here are some criteria I'm looking for:

  • A good use of Google Wave, Google Docs, or Google App Engine. I'm looking for something that uses these tools to their best extent. If it's a better fit for a typical web application, or if it needs a standard content management system or shopping cart, I'm probably not interested. I'll make exceptions for creative integration with other applications.

  • A real business use. Not some speculative idea. I'm not looking to build a product for startups. I'm looking for an itch that needs scratched for a proven business.

  • A limited scope project. I'm targeting about 1-2 months of work, but plan for something you think could be developed in 1-2 weeks. Not only am I learning a new platform (which could slow me down considerably) but the nature of collaboration is that it always takes longer than you think, especially communicating your ideas and feedback. We can work together on limiting scope for the right larger project.

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